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Colin Carey

Colin Carey

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04/09/09 12:38 PM #1    

Debra Juntunen (Espinoza)

In High School Colin and I used to ride the same bus, I didn't know Colin when I first started riding the bus and I thought he was really rough and a pretty gruff guy! But as time went by and I watched him interact with others and got to know Colin, I saw that he had such a kind Heart. Sometimes we don't take the time as kids to see inside someone's heart, there may be way more than what you see on the outside. And I'm so glad I was able to really see Colin for who he was on the inside, it was a real pleasure to ride the same bus as him.

04/10/09 09:45 PM #2    

Kimberly Naze

I remember Colin as a person who was able to transcend highschool clicks. He was kind and a friend to everyone.

04/10/09 09:51 PM #3    

Karen Byers (Wright)

Colin Carey was a great friend. I still think of him and remember him as a kind soul with a huge heart.

Karen Byers (Wright)

04/11/09 06:21 PM #4    

Andrea Wilde

what a beautiful soul colin had. He portrayed himself as a tough guy....but in reality so gentle and kind. I remember that he had told myself and Kim he would be the first person to give us an alcohlic drink, that being a singapore sling. He was so kind and loving...when I think of precious people that come into one's life, Colin will always come to mind. Rest in peace my friend, and know that so many hearts remember you, and that you will always be with us!!!

04/11/09 07:46 PM #5    

Thomas Carey

Colin was not only a good friend and neighbor, but my locker partner. I miss picking him up on my way home from work late at night. He would always be walking on Harmony drive road after 2 am. I would pick him up and give him a ride home. For years after he died, I kept thinking I would see him on my way home. Colin was a good man. A partier, and a good man.

04/28/09 05:28 PM #6    

Steve Michels

A few years after we graduated, Tod Hansen and I shared a small house in Rainier. Colin used to come over and try to teach me how to play the guitar in the evenings after I got off work. I never did catch on but I cherish the memories from his visits. Colin did come off as a tough guy but once you got to know him, you quickly learned that he had a big and caring heart. I knew Colin since seventh grade. I remember once in Mr. Grant’s class we had a slight disagreement and exchanged a few words. He had better words than I did… Anyway, we became very good friends after that. No grudges held. I still think of him often.

07/13/09 07:28 PM #7    

Allen Taylor

I remember Colin as a cool dude. He was a guy who always just wanted to have a great time doing what he was doing. I was new in the neighborhood of Eufaula Heights but he was always cool to me. I think we will all miss him at any reunion for his easy way with people.

08/26/09 11:11 PM #8    

Dorothy McMillian

it never occurred to me to wonder why Colin was always walking home at the oddest times, maybe he didn't have a car, maybe he didn't have a family that would pick him up, maybe he just liked to walk. What I do remember is that when I was riding home with my dad driving, we would see Colin walking and pick him up and give him a ride up Eufala Heights to his home. He was always gracious and respectful, thanking my dad for the ride. I think Colin was often misunderstood. He was a kind guy.

09/02/13 06:28 AM #9    

Randy Bradford

One memory I have of Collin is when he would walk through the 9th grade hall drumming on the lockers and singing the Led Zeppelin song, Black Dog. He was a cool dude.

I picked him up walking along the road a few times too, heading to town or heading home. If we were heading home sometimes he would invite me in, sometimes hanging out
with Collin and his brother Brandon made it hard to find my way home. Enjoyed every minute of it, wish I could do it again.  miss you Collin.

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