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02/14/11 06:55 PM #9    


Tanya Reece (Lile)

Happy 50th to all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

06/16/16 06:29 PM #10    

Jerry Clark (Clark)

The website has not been working so I chekced on it and leanred the domain name has expired and is now woring at the moment.  I am not sure who the administrator is but I am happy to help finacially so we can keep the website working as I think it is great.  If anyone has any in anyformatin to help put me in conatct with the adminstrator please e-mail me at

Jerry Clark

08/26/16 07:30 PM #11    


Jennifer Merchant (Pierce)

The domain has been updated, thanks Jerry for the email.

08/27/16 10:38 AM #12    


Gregg Kininmonth

Hello Jenny, Kim and all classmates,

Three years and counting and before you know it, we'll be together again reliving all the great times and memories we all shared. 

Be safe. 


Gregg Kininmonth


08/29/16 12:32 PM #13    


Gregg Kininmonth

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share a picture of me in the land of Sand, Sun and Heat! I don't know what I was thinking when I accepeted this job? Recreation Special Events Coordinator in Kuwiat for the Army. I'm too old for this heat. LOL.... So far the hottest day has been 131 ambiant degrees. But hey it's a dry heat! This is the last great adventure of my life. Anyone for "Hump Day"!!!!! Oh! Would you like one hump or two? or how about this  oldie but goodie. "I'd walk a mile for a Camel"! yeah ok, I'm an idiot, but at least I know I'm an idiot. Always have been always will be. LOL!!!! Can't fool those you grew up with, wouldn't even try!   

So, who knows where I'll bee next? 3 more years till I kiss the Government good bye! My wife Ivona hasn't divorced me yet. Don't ask me why. I guess it's that old High School Charm.

Now for a bit of straight talk.

I asked Jenny where we stood for our class funds and it looks like at present Aug. 29th 2016 we have about $750.00 in our acct. I want to get the ball rolling, so I am making a small donation to teh cause to help off set the cost of logisitcs or where ever Jenny and Kim decide is best to help with the reunion.

This is not a challenge, I want to contribute because I can, if you can too, then please do. If you do not want to you do not have to. We are all family and I just wanted to break the ice, For those that were having similiar thoughts. don't be shy.

Take care, 


Don't know who has a bigger belly, me or the Camel? I know I definetly got a bigger Butt!  LOL!!!!


08/30/16 12:14 PM #14    

Lisa Brudi (Gregory)

Hey Gregg - we're practically neighbors!  I've been living in Saudi Arabia for the past 15 years. So glad it'll be done in just 3 more. Hadn't realized that it'll be 3 years until the next reunion. Perfect!  Can't wait to see you and all the gang. I can certainly help with a donation - just need to know particulars. 



08/30/16 03:58 PM #15    


Jennifer Merchant (Pierce)

If you would like to send a donation to go towards the next class reunion, mail it to Jennifer Pierce at 247 W Lincoln Ave, Chico, CA 95926.  I have a bank account set up with MMHS 1979 Reunion funds, as Gregg stated we currently have a balance of $767.71, the last money spent out of the account was for our Domain Name of




08/31/16 03:57 AM #16    

Shari Campbell

Hey Lisa and Gregg :)

I was just in the neighborhood (visiting-- not living--in Egypt).

I almost didn't get to make the trip as the flight was on Turkish air

through Istanbul the week after the attempted coup... Great trip-- had

the place to myself ( NO tourists--so sad!)

Cool job Gregg. 

Lisa--wasn't this supposed to be just a 3yr.  jig? :)

I look forward to seeing everyone.




08/31/16 08:12 AM #17    


Gregg Kininmonth

How awesome is this! This is so great to kick start the conversation about our reunion and talk to all that submit a post.

Damn Girlfriend! 15 years in Saudi! uhh..... I am speachless. You not only deserve a "Medal" but a trip to Alaska to Cool Off! I've been here for 4 months and this is my 4th and last trip to the desert. I'm interviewing now to get back home. 

And Sherri Campbell, I would love to see the Pyramids. check the spelling on that one! LOL.... I went to Macedonia to meet the wife and see the inlaws right before the Coup in Turkey and also stayed in Istanbul, the wife missed the Terrorist attach at the airport by 4 days. Thank God!

We're not in Kansas anymore Toto!

So, Evverybody time to join in and get us up to date on your life. Here's the challenge to all my family out there.

Make a post and lets start talking now, so when we get together we have more time for dancing, laughing and warn embraces. Ok and Drinking too! But not too much Mr. Halleck! Speaking of Mr. Halleck, Hey Dan, forget me ever calling you Mcarthur, no offense meant, or me ever calling Leslie, Susan. It's like asking me to call my mom Paula. Ainn't gonna happen!!! LOL!!!

Anyway, Dan, I know you ar3 a big cigar fan. One of my biggest supported Morale events here and when I was working as a Rec. Dir. on the Aircraft Carrier was a Cigar Social! Everybody participated from Admirals all the way down to E1 enlisted. and the Chicks (delete Chicke for the politically correct) dug it too. Just don't inhale ladies, you Puff. if you want to hook up on making it happen for our the party let me know.

Everyone, I asked Jen and Kim if we might canvass everyone for things to do and or places to hold the gig.

Not to be pushy, (yeah right) Me pushy!!! LOL.... I think we all know the Monticello is long since out of the question for a venue, and we are limited, but we need to get hopping on a place to reserve. We've talked about the Kelso elks. We've done the Red Lion twice now, or is it 3 times I can't remember, i'm getting old, but anyway, with the new Mcminnamins being built in kalamarama that is a possibility. or we could just have a Keger at Gearhart Garden with the Tranisients? For those with a criminal background "Harry St. Louis, Willard Belinski and Francis Naglesh" the Hall of justice is available. Just joking!

My wife has been trying to get me to take her Country Line Dancing. I did it once and it was a blast, especially after 4 beers and a shot of crown, (No Booze here in Kuwait,) Man a cold beer sound good right now! So maybe that would be something to contemplate. I already voiced my opinion about the DJ we had at our last gig. He Sucked! If any Hip Hop is played at this one there will be a dead person on the floor. Not by me, i'm a lover not a fighter, but who thinks they can hold "Big K" Kevin Polis back?  LOL.....

Ok, enough entertainment for now, I've got to get back to improving the quality of life for our soldiers. If you loved the the last camel picture,  you'll Love this one. 

Isn't that the cutest kid you've ever seen? I was a heart breaker. 

I have a question for everyone thta joins in on the fun by posting what youo've been doing for the last 7 years. or more. 

This is a homework assignment. Do you have any regrets in life. I don't mean did life turn out like you hoped? We all have the right to self determination and live with our choices, but do you regret making a right hand turn when you could have turned left? 

I'll go first.

I regret that I wasn't mature enought to realize you can't chase memories and try to relive them, especially at the expense of the one you love. 

I made a mistake of being so selfish that I left my wife to come here. How many of you would allow that?

That should tell you alot about Ivona and alot about me. I regret I left looking for something that doesn't exist anymore.

Gregg K.  

08/31/16 09:53 AM #18    


Gregg Kininmonth

Oh! I forgot another regret. I didn't give my 1st girlfried in the 8th grade Kim Naze a Big Huge Smoochie!

Hey Kim!  



08/31/16 03:22 PM #19    

Sue Riss (Daley)

You look great Gregg!  Such adventures you are having.  

I have lived in Seattle since I graduated from SPU, and in the same house for the past 31 years.  So boring!  Eldest son is living in Japan, teaching English, middle son is in college, and youngest is a Junior in high school - but attending community college this year.  

I don't know where in the Longview area there is to have a party - but I'll do my best to be there.  Maybe I can get Dave Niimi to visit - he lives near me - and I know the band folks would love to see him!  



09/01/16 07:49 AM #20    


Gregg Kininmonth

Sue Riss,

What up Girlfriend! The snow ball is starting to gather steam as more and more folks jump on board the Monarch Express!

Your life doesn't sound boring at all, it sounds very gratifying, (Check that Spelling) LOL.... I know you are proud of your kids. It's funny, did you expereince the same thing I did helping raise my x-girlfirends daughter? I found the older she got, the Dumber we got! Ha!

It's our parents pay back. :)

i would trade Seattle traffic for Kuwaiti, These people are all Zombies. 1 out of 3 people that die here die on the Roads. it's the will of Allah! Serious, thats what they say as they scream at 130 mph on the shoulder before they fly through the front windshield after rearending a semi. 

I've lost what ever inhibition I had growing up, which probably wasn't much. I always loved being social, I know I think I'm more important than I am, but I can't convince myself of it. Acutally, i'm pretty quiet and humble around strangers, but old friends that know me and grew up with me Not! I am what I am. Some say obnoxious, some say funny, but none say boring! 

Ok, lets keep getting people posting! I am all alone in this hole in the Middle East and seeing new posts make my day.

Sue Riss come on down you are the next Monarch to join the memory merry go round!  LOL....

09/01/16 05:48 PM #21    

Diane Hollinger (Lokan)

Hi Guys, Hope you are all doing well. What about the Country Club- very reasonable cost wise or the Expo Center? I would ask Ron Steinauer and Ross Praytor what they think but they are probably hung over from going to see 38 special with Bad Company Last night lol.............

09/02/16 07:44 AM #22    


Gregg Kininmonth

Hey Diane,

That is Awesome about Steiney and Praytor! Ron better becarefull he is not allowed to have too much fun with his weak heart. But if your going to go, better to go at a 38 Special concert than sitting in front of the TV watching old re-runs of Perry Mason, No wait I love Perry Mason! replace that with Happy days. No wait I love happy days too!

Glad Ron and Ross went to the show.

I forgot about the club! The Country Club is a another option, didn't we do our 10th there? or was it 20? Will the pool be open? I'm sure someone will get drunk and fall , err... get pushed in. How about it Andrea, Patsy, and Linda, didn't a few of you girls do something called skinny dipping at the Club? That was the rumor from our last reunion.

It was good to see you Diane before I left for Kuwait not too long ago. Was it at Bob's?



09/02/16 01:40 PM #23    

Diane Hollinger (Lokan)

Actually Ron is doing very well- I think it is because his lovely wife Lannette takes such good care of him! The smaller conference room in the Expo could work but they are expensive. The Country Club we can get cheap and they should have the pool open it is still open as of this weekend and they have been doing some major renovations so it's looking much better- new GM.

And yes it was Bob's and it was great to see you too! Such a small town I run into classmates all the time it's actually pretty awesome but not having the adventures like you three are having overseas.

Take care! The reunion will be here before we know it- Not sure why we wait 10 years to have these- Five years would be better...... Diane

09/04/16 02:31 PM #24    

Joan Galush (Gilmour)

Hi everyone!  So,,,when is our next reunion?  I wasn't at the prior ones, just missed the 50th! but looking forward to reconnecting and see what everyone has been up to... better late than never, right?!  You probably remember me as Joanie Galush...pretty shy back then.

Do most classmates live in or near hometown?  If not, just an idea, but we could have a reunion ANYWHERE, even someplace tropical or sunny.  I live in Scottsdale, AZ, always sunny!

If we want a band, I'm married to a drummer.... we could work on that part!  I'll contribute $$ too!





09/06/16 12:01 AM #25    

Leslie Cope

I feel for you Gregg. I was over there in the first Gulf War I think 90 or so. I was on a tanker supplying fuel to our boys. 11 months I was stuck on that ship way to hot for a guy from the great north west. Life has been good to me. Only regret I have is selling my 1970 Camaro I had in school. Man you know what they sell for now. Stay Cool

09/06/16 11:16 AM #26    


Gregg Kininmonth

Right on Joanie Galish, and Les Cope,

Look how many are starting to join up in the conversation! Hell by the time we have are reunion we'll all know everything about everyone and won't have anything to say. NOT! 

Joanie, you weren't that shy! You were always nice and spoke to me. Even though I was Mr. Obnoxious. Now my memory is a bit foggy after 40 years but didn't you own horses? I know there were a few gals in calss that were huge horse lovers.

I know one thing for sure MM class of 79 had the best looking girls in all of Cowlitz County. More beautiful than Kelso and Way........... more beautiful that Kelso! There I said it! Now for us geeky guys that couldn't walk and chew gum, Uhh.... that would be all of us guys! They could have produced a TV series out us. Remember the 80's show the "Wonder years" The boys of MM could have stared in the "Akward Years". God! were we akward or what? But there was and is nothing wrong with that. We were just normal Teenagers.

So Les, thanks for your service big guy. I was the FUN BOSS on the Carrier John C. Stennis and BonHomme Richard for three years and did tow deployments. But being an MWR Dir. Morale Welfare Recreation (Julie of the Love Boat) for those that aren't into the military acrynomys, was nothing compared to the work the sailors did on those ships. Dangerous and 18 hrs. a day.

It was all about the Liberty Ports! The Party was on! I couldn't walk down the street of any city overseas, Hong Kong, Sydney, Perth, Singapore without hearing "Hey Fun Boss come down here so we can buy you a Beer"! What a great job! being here in this dirt box isn't the cats meow by a long shot, but even this will have some positive memories. It was amazing watching the Un-Reps of the supply ships crusing along side us or the helicopters dropping supplies on board. We did have the best military in the World. Not so sure anymore? What do you think Alan Benish or Mike Curits?

So 70 camero huh LES? Well everyone should rememeber the Orange Pumpkin 77 Corvette my Mom used to drive with Yargo, the Black Cocker Spaniel hangin out the window? People would always ask me if we owned that Vette that was driven by the Balck Cocker Spaniel? i'd think really? Can you tell me of any other Orange Corvette in Longview driven by a Black Cocker Spaniel? God! only in Longview!

I would get to drive it a little bit, more than she knew when she would go to bed, as a lot of you know my mom liked her spirits. I would sneek out with it. go "cruisin the gut" or just show off!

I don't think I was so sneaky, she knew. Parents knew everything. My mom passed away in 87 and if you rememeber Ernie my step dad, he passed away in 2012. Well, he called me in July of  2011 and said do you want the Vette? My first thought was he's either dying, or he's leaving that snake of a girlfriend he had. I wish it was the latter, unfortunately he had cancer, and my brother and I always told him if he was going to get rid of it that we wanted to buy it to keep it in the family. Sentimental reasons. Well it sat in his garage after my mom died for 25 years on four flat tires and more hidden damage than you could imagine. You see my mom thought it was a SUV, before there were SUV's with 4 Low and 4 Hi.

He gave it to me and I had my mechanic tow it to his shop. Well. what can I say, $15.000 and four years later it sits in my barn and needs a new rear end. Damn! I wish I got my brother to buy it! LOL.... I don't care how much I have to spend to make it stock again, I will, because It was my mom's. Not worth much, especially next to a 1970 Camero.Too bad I didn't take auto shop in school, I could have saved a bundle!

As I mentioned, most of you know my mom had a drinking problem, I didn't try to hide it, I didn't have too, becauase all of you that knew never use it to hurt me. You can't hide soemthing like that from your friends, especially when they would come and have a sleep over, Uh... some of my buddies know what I'm talking about. Terry Leaf and Tom Reisner and Jeff Kjose. I appreciate everyone that knew and never made me feel bad about it. She had the biggest heart in the world. And as we all have learned, life isn't fair and we have our own Crosses to Bear. You all were the best friends and family any person could ask for. You were my family, I didn't havee any other than you.

Two things she taught me that never leaves me are "Take care of yourself first, because no one else will and your Integrity is never negotiable" I live my life by these words of wisdom. I don't mean your spouse in this context. 

Sorry for getting into the weeds, being so far away from my loved one's seems to make it easy for me to share my past. I respect everyone of you for growing up and raising your kids and teaching them the values we were taught. I am proud of all of you! And I'm buying everyone a drink at our reunion that can remember the magic word! And No it's not, Hey! Kino buy me a drink! Resiner!  

Les and Joanie thanks for connecting! contact your old mates and have them join in.

later guys time for another Ground Hogs Day!



09/07/16 11:02 PM #27    

Leslie Cope

I don't know about the Kelso girls. My girlfriend was from Kelso. She drove a 78 Trans Am. Black. With a real shaker hood. Went out with her for 6 years.
So I have tried to get Nike Burgin(Dorsey)in school and Ralph McKee to have a look at the site now luck yet.
So what do you do for entertainment on your time off in that sand box? Besides ride Cammels.

I know it sucks being away so long. I have been in the merchant marines for 30+ and like a good sailor I have passed my money away so will probably work to 67 or more. But I hope to live to 100+ so should still have a good retirement. Look forward to seeing what we do in that time. Think about when there were only 2 channels on TV and where we are now. Crazy Man. Just think the class of 79 kept the ball rolling and took it to new levels. As our kids will.Well that enough for now will try to keep up. If you get bored you can check out my wifes bnb sight Alaska lodge and retreat. In Coffman Cove Alaska.

09/08/16 05:19 PM #28    


Jennifer Merchant (Pierce)

Hello Class of 1979

As Gregg mentioned on his previous posts, our 40th reunion will be here before we know it. 

The planning committee will be having our first brainstorming meeting on the 23rd of October.  Our intention is to have a reunion similar to our past reunions.  Simple, welcoming and above all, fun!

We would like to hear from you!  We as a committee are here to steer the ship.  The reunion belongs to the class and we welcome any ideas you may have.  Please send any thoughts or ideas to any of the committee members mentioned below. 

We are actively looking at dates and a few venues in the Longview area and we will post updates as things progress. There have been many good ideas on venues already mentioned so far.  Keep the ideas coming!

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in 2019!!



Class of 1979 Reunion Planning Committee

Kimberly Naze  -

Jennifer Pierce  -

Steve Michels  -

Gregg Kininmonth  -

09/08/16 07:28 PM #29    


Steve Michels

One more thing to add… We have quite an extensive list of “Missing Classmates”.  Take a look at the list of missing classmates on the upper left portion of this page.  If you see someone you are still in contact with, please encourage them to register on our site. 

Be sure to check back regularly for updates on the reunion!  I am really excited about it and look forward to seeing everyone.

Steve Michels

09/09/16 07:57 AM #30    


Gregg Kininmonth

I'm pretty sure Pete Weekley works at Woods logging supply. Ron Steinhauer know. Also I fished with Darrold on the Cowlitz. So last I knew he was in town too. 



09/10/16 12:25 AM #31    

Leslie Cope

I know Nike has retired. But still lives in Longview.

09/11/16 11:19 AM #32    

Leslie Cope

Where were you 15 yearso ago today? Remember freedom is not free

09/18/16 12:22 AM #33    


Steve Michels

As many of you may have heard, the Monticello Hotel is under new ownership.  I spoke with the co-owner and CEO yesterday afternoon. She will be managing the main level of the hotel that will house the restaurant, bar and event rooms. 
With the 40th reunion still a few years out, we have the opportunity of reserving space at the Monticello for our event.  The big thing now is nailing down a date. 
First things first..  Is everyone cool with the Monticello Hotel??  I myself think it would be an ideal venue.  There are very few places big enough for an event like ours in Longview.  The ones that are big enough are booked out for the next several years.  In addition, the new owners plan to restore it to its original historic splendor.  It would be just like the old days.
Next is the date for our reunion.  This is just a dart throw but how does Saturday August 17, 2019 sound for a starting point??  I had her block this day but we can change it if we want.
Thank you and please send in your feedback, thoughts and concerns.
Steve Michels
Class of 1979 Reunion Planning Committee
Kimberly Naze  -
Jennifer Pierce  -
Steve Michels  -
Gregg Kininmonth  -

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