30 Yr Classmate pics

Pictures taken by classmates with the disposable cameras that were on the tables at the Red Lion on Saturday night.

Leslie Andrews

Terry Ellis and Tom Reisner
Shanna Wiest and John Van Vessem
Gregg Cowell
Penny Sims and Sue Jones
Dan Halleck, Carol Huhta and hubby
Howard Houser and wife
Dean Talley and Linda Murphy
Sue Riss, Donna York and Robin Reid
Ralph McKee and Diane Sellars
Allen Benish and Mike Curtis
Scott Breitenbach and wife
Allan Ham, Greg Kininmonth, Mike Curtis
Tom Carey and wife
Kim Naze and Sheri Campbell
Kristina Nicholson, Amy Miller and Sue Riss
Tom Reisner, Dan Halleck and David Bolton
Ron and Annette Hammond, Keith Presnell
Linda Murphy and hubby
Bryan Burke, Ralph McKee and David Featherston
Steve Scott and Howard Houser
Julie McIvor, Jaqui Fischer, Mike Curtis, Sue Jones and guest
Sue Jones(Curtis) and Mike Curtis
John Van Vessem and Randy Bradford
David Duvall, Scott Schrecengost, Lori Whitton and Patsy Coulter
Allen Benish and wife
Diane Sellars and Tracy Kaber
Amy Miller, Donna York
Theresa Anderson, hubby, Steve Bickle and wife, Scott Breitenbach
Jean and Dan (Halleck) McArthur and Sheila Morey
Janelle OConnor, Ron and Kathy Lamb, Sheri Campbell
Amy Miller, Francis Naglich, Sue Riss and Kathy Huff
Steve Michels and Jennifer Merchant
Kim Daems and hubby
Laura Joplin and Steve Anderson
Sheila Donaldson and hubby
Robin Reid, Sheila Morey, Donna York,Lori Whitton,Sherry Stark, Tom Reisner
Mike Curtis and Dorothy McMillian
Mary Crocker (Hall) and husband John
Robin Reid and Kevin Bowen