20 Year Reunion Pics


Hover your mouse over the picture to see who is in the picture.  If you know the name of any person not named in the picture please use the Contact Us link and email us the name also if you have any pictures from the 20 year reunion please email them and we will be happy to add them to this link.


Diane Sellars,Sheila Morey,Kim Naize,Laura Howard,Tracey Gayle

MMHS 1979 20 Year Reunion

Lori Whitton,Sherry Stark

Lori Whiton,Kathy Huff,Patsy Coulter,Diane Sellars,Laura Howard

Kristina Nicholson,Lori Westrick,Sue Jones

Karen Byers,Janelle Woods

Kim Naize,Laura Howard,Linda Murphy,Jeff Kjose,Ron Steinhauer,Diane Sellars,Kim Martin,Jennifer Merchant,Ralph McKee,Sherry Stark

Laura Howard,Kim Martin,Kim Naize,Jeff Kjose,Sherry Stark,Diane Sellars,Ralph McKee,Linda Murphy

Jennifer Merchant,Terry Ellis,Allan Ham,Sue Diller,Mark Wygant?

Sue Diller,Julie McIvor

Jaqui Fischer,Leslie Andrews,Jennifer Merchant,Sheila Morey,Susan Stluka,Shari Campbell,Allan Ham